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About Ms. Mellick & Ms. White

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I am Ms. Mellick and I am so excited to be your school counselor at Morningside Elementary School! This is my 7th year in the greatest profession in the world. When I am not spreading the love at Morningside, I am usually with my family: Ryan and Hazel. We love to go on adventures together, dance, sing, color, and ride scooters in our neighborhood. 

Why do I show up to school every day? I believe all human beings need to feel a sense of belonging and contribution to something larger than themselves. It is my job to ensure that EVERY student feels that they truly belong to the MES family, with an active role in making a difference to the community. 

I am so honored to support YOU in the journey! 


I am Ms. White and I am a graduate student at Georgia State University working towards my school counseling degree. I am so excited to begin my career at Morningside as I work alongside and learn from Ms. Mellick! When I am not at school, I am usually with my Fiancé Matt and our puppy Beau! We love to hike, explore our neighborhood, and find the best (dog-friendly) treats.  


Why did I choose school counseling? I believe it is crucial for students to have positive supports in all areas of their lives, and as a school counselor, I can be one more support for them at school! I feel so lucky to have a role in making sure all MES students feel safe and welcome when they walk through the doors.  


I am so excited to be here at Morningside and cannot wait to see all the amazing things MES students teach me about being the best school counselor I can be!