Morningside Elementary School implements two APS-wide initiatives in our school - a Social Emotional Learning curriculum and the No Place for Hate® program. 


Through a comprehensive focus on SEL, Atlanta Public Schools is committed to the social, emotional, and academic development of students by connecting "hearts and smarts" as part of a systemic whole child framework.  APS also recognizes that building the capacity of adults to model SEL skills is at the core of teacher and leader excellence. APS uses the CASEL framework to inform its SEL programming in alignment with the district's strategic plan.
CASEL defines SEL as the process through which all young people and adults acquire and apply the knowledge, skills, and  attitudes, to develop healthy identities, manage emotions, and achieve personal and collective goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain supportive relationships, and make responsible and caring decisions (CASEL, 2020).

Social Emotional Learning supports the academic and life-readiness success of children. Integrated into the daily schedule, all students receive SEL utilizing the Second STEP Curriculum. All Counseling Classroom Instruction will support the SEL theme and competency of the corresponding month.

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SEL Books of the Month

APS SEL selects a book each month that is presented to all students across the entire District. The Book of the Month provides the anchor for discussion and activities in daily SEL lessons and in Counseling Instruction. 

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Thanks to the support of the MES Foundation and all of its parent donors, every MES classroom will be supplied with copies of every SEL Book of the Month.

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SEL Lesson Plans

APS mandates that all students receive 60 minutes of SEL instruction weekly. The District SEL department provides weekly lesson plans for teachers to implement in their SEL block daily. 

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*Teachers, when downloading each week, please make a copy* 

October SEL Students of the Month

The SEL Theme for the month of October was Diversity and Acceptance. Students chosen for SEL Student of the Month demonstrated amazing self-awareness. Congratulations to our SEL Students of the Month! 



Clara Van Curen

Oliver Ingley

Kaydence Carter

June Ravenel

Joyce Lin

William Franconi

1st Grade

Giselle Albury

Jackson Bowman

Clara Payne

Wyck Jones

Davis Townley

Leah Vece

Daniel Legum

2nd Grade

Isabella Holdsworth

Clarence Wang

Ryan Kisgen

James Pratt

Franny Fox

Rumi Qureshi

Catherine Bauer

Michaela Yurchenko

3rd Grade 

Millie Constant

Henry Baby

Ezra Duke

Reavey Bull

Parker Alexander

Owen Milam

Adam Richards

October 2.JPG

5th Grade

Ariel Yurchenko

Norah Hutchins

Andres Nunez

Annika Goodman

Almila Kirbiyik

Isabella Atkin

4th Grade

Maybeth Rutherford

Keira Cobb

Rae Conlan

Khush Bhatia

Milo Chiecchio

Max Kozinn

September SEL Students of the Month

The SEL Theme for the month of September was Individuality and Positive Self-Concept. Students chosen for SEL Student of the Month demonstrated amazing self-awareness. Congratulations to our SEL Students of the Month! 



Jackson Pratt

Lukas Bieg

Kit Parker

Bobby Ware

Avery Clendenin

Charles DeBacker

1st Grade

Blakeley Weinstein

Breelyn Simpson

Fletcher Morrison

Kiran Shankar

Ella Meisel

Olivia Lutz

Rose Griffin

2nd Grade

Illina Rangaraj

Virginia Franconi

Henry Decker

Sloan Thibodeau

Zoe Oster

Madison Smith

Lorenzo Gardner

Cullen Cadin

3rd Grade 

Jacob Clifton

Elizabeth O'Brien

Elizabeth McHenry

Faelan Andrews

Alexander Uwaezouke

Millie Byrd Roberts

Eloise Lippert


4th Grade

Ava Bowman

August Kucek

James Moye

Theo LeDantec

Nora Tardelli

Maya Al-Bayati

5th Grade

Zacharey Mesbahi

Jacob Evans

Daniela Aguilar Gomez

Nathaniel Warner

Charlie Baldwin

Emma Stiedinger

August SEL Students of the Month

At the end of every month, teachers will nominate one student from their class that exhibited the SEL competency for that month. The month of August was all about BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS. Congratulations to our SEL Students of the Month! 



Savannah Lee

Lily Cooper

Parker Burton

Akshay Warrier

Joyce Lin

Amelia Meisel 

1st Grade

Jonathan Fiddes

Mason Poncz

Bethany Zant

Quinn Coffas

Riday Chauhan

Cameron Cobb

Jackson Krieger

2nd Grade

Viraj Khulbe

Jack Reiff

Grace Roach

Samuel Ross

Charlotte Curtis

Jonah Foreman

Caroline James

Kiala Law

3rd Grade 

Carter Fox

Joseph Clifton

Maddie Dublin

Sadie Baldwin

Eleanor Healy

Vivienne Pool

Cadence Carey


4th Grade

John Hudson

Riya Hida

Gracie Farr

Darren Lieb

Henry DeBacker

Arjun Vaitla

5th Grade

Brendan Poirier

Julia Prout

Adelyn Freitag

Devon Crisler

Nate Little

Jordan Jackson-Stroud


Since 2015 APS has implemented the Anti-Defamation League's No Place for Hate® initiative District-wide.

Each year all APS schools, including MES, participate in programs around the goal of creating a welcoming community committed to stopping all forms of bias and bullying.

Programs at MES will take place in December, February and April. 

No Place for Hate® program 1: Kindness Graffiti 

On Thursday, December 9, MES students took part in the first No Place for Hate® program. All students took part in a lesson on kindness and then proceeded outside to decorate our school with "kindness graffiti" using sidewalk chalk. Families joined in the outdoor graffiti sessions making for a truly unforgettable day! 

Click here for the classroom lesson.

*More information will be added to this page with details on the upcoming  No Place for Hate® programs scheduled in 2022.*

IMG_7743 copy.jpeg

The No Place for Hate® Pledge 

Another key component of No Place for Hate®  is rallying our entire school around the program - making a commitment to make MES No Place for Hate.

No Place for Hate Pledge Photo_PNG.webp